They started rockin’ and ain’t never gonna stop…being customer orientated, that is. Unlike the band Foreigner, Creatio has CRM in their eyes and lots of it. With the mission to boost customer business efficiency, this cloud-based software prides itself in managing the complete customer journey. Unlike traditional CRMs, Creatio is process-driven, meaning they focus on nailing down the processes first and then evolve data to work inside those processes. This way, the process manages the data, not the other way around. Here are four reasons Creatio rocks for customer management.

1. Customer Portal

Creatio’s Customer Portal supports transparency throughout the case resolution process, giving customers a clear view of their solutions. It also allows them complete access to their user accounts and profiles, meaning they can manage and track their case resolution progress on their own. Empowering customers to manage their information and follow their case resolution frees up the service team from having to send updates or make phone calls about ongoing cases. The customer feels in control and has peace of mind that their issues are being addressed. They also have access to relevant articles in the knowledge base to resolve minor cases without service assistance. Creatio service enterprise even keeps track of all tasks, calls and messages, cases submitted and resolved, services used and service level agreements to help you build customer relationships and monitor progress. Having a complete service history is a good thing for both service and sales departments:

Service: A complete service history allows agents to look back on key events and critical information – Has this customer faced an issue like this before? How did we fix it last time?
Why is this an issue again? How many cases has this customer filed in the past year? Is this a rare occurrence or a frequent problem? – If an issue comes up repeatedly, service agents can take proactive steps to prevent the issue in the future.

Sales: A record of service history helps sales reps assess customer needs and understand if they are satisfied. You don’t want a sales rep trying to upsell a product to an existing customer when they’re having issues with their current product – it looks careless and unprofessional. Also, the ability to see past interactions with that customer keeps sales current with the last point of contact and if there were any follow up tasks that came of it. Reps can quickly look back on conversation histories to see what the customer is interested in or was struggling with to customize sales strategies.

2. Case Database

Customer management would be ineffective if client information wasn’t organized. Creatio has designed mini case databases to accumulate all customer and partner cases in one area. Cases can then be classified into various categories including incidents, service requests, advisory services and claims and be assigned to agents and teams accordingly. Categories keep everything organized and help you assess your customer management processes at the end of the year. How many services requests did we have within each category? How can we reduce that number next year? What are we or aren’t we doing to attain that? The analytics help you understand customer satisfaction and the efficiency of your customer management approach so you can keep improving it. Case assignments and management keep the resolution on track which means cases are closed faster and customers are happier.

By leveraging automatic smart data enrichment, you can manage your CRM data faster and more extensively. Creatio does the hard work for you by identifying key customer information from open sources, ensuring end users have the most up-to-date information possible with no additional effort. The system automatically identifies and eliminates duplicate data records to make the most of every customer interaction. It even features customizable dashboards to monitor case resolution effectiveness, customer satisfaction levels, service process efficiency, and key performance indicators. These tools allow you to analyze your customer database from different angles to make confident data-driven decisions.

3. Service Catalog

Your service teams are important to you. To support them, Creatio created a flexible and unified database of services to easily manage service categories, setup calendars, and regulate resolution deadlines. With this system, your teams can identify services based on priority and track case histories. This means they can constantly improve service quality based on strategic service catalog analysis. A complete service catalog will help you regulate service processes and offer clients services relevant to them. Creatio's services catalog not only to guides your customer management team on what your company offers in certain circumstances, but also helps you evaluate which services are working and which aren’t so you can keep doing better.

4. Cloud Telephony

Hosted telephony is on the rise and with it, the need for flexible integration options. Make and receive calls directly from your Creatio system and connect with any cloud VoIP, virtual or standard IP PBX systems, SIP-numbers from any provider, and an unlimited number of external lines. The cloud telephony ability is built right in so you don’t need an add-on to get this capability. Most CRMs require an add-on software to enable hosted telephony, but because Creatio offers it standard, you instantly have streamlined communication with your customers. Sales can find a contact in the system and dial them immediately. Then, they can log that call back into the system to reference later. This makes it easy to keep track of calls and link them to relevant system objects. You can even monitor and record calls to evaluate your service team’s performance. Creatio makes managing and storing your customer interactions simple and fast.

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