Creatio's email templates can be used to build content for your targeted recipient lists. Use Creatio’s Content Designer to build these emails and reuse the templates whenever.

The Content Designer is a drag-and-drop editor that allows users to simply drag elements onto the page and visually see what recipients will see on both desktop and mobile devices.

The great thing about the Content Designer is that you have the best of both worlds, you can design your emails using the visual blocks and elements available to you or use HTML blocks.

The email templates consist of a series of content blocks that can be used to drag and drop text, images, separators, and even CTAs. Although users can configure their email templates from scratch, there are also a series of pre-configured templates that Creatio has provided. Creatio's templates can be copied and re-built to fit your business needs. For more information on the types of elements that can be used within the Content Designer, visit Creatio's documentation here.

There are a few ways a user can create an email template using the Marketing workspace. The first way would be to select the [Email Section]. Using the [New] Button, you can create two different types of emails: Bulk or Trigger. Regardless of which you select, the Content Designer looks the same.

Creatio bulk and trigger email

The second way to create an email template is using the [Message Templates] lookup. You access this using the Studio workspace or lookups setting and searching for [Message templates]. Here, you can define which type of template you want to use: a chat template or an email template. In our case, we will be using email template.

Creatio message template
Creatio chat or email template

The email template offers users can another great tool. Blocks of text can be saved as templates, so not only can you save the whole email as a template, but you can even save re-usable segments of texts as 'blocks'.

Creatio email text block

Once a block has been added—whether it is using pre-made blocks or you have designed it from scratch—you can select the save button and save this block to re-use for future emails.

saving creatio block to block library

Users can even personalize their email templates for their marketing or sales teams. To do so, you must add macros. Macros are dynamic values that are systematically updated depending on the recipient. For instance, within the body of the email,  you can add the [Contacts Name] macro. This will automatically pull in the recipient's name when it is delivered.

Not only will this create a more personalized email experience, it will also allow your users to quickly send emails out using the pre-built templates.

Creatio macros

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