A customer recently asked me if there's a way to check how many licenses they've purchased from SugarCRM and how many active users they have. Knowing the number of licenses you have is always a good idea. If you need to add licenses, or change something about your Sugar instance, you have the information in-hand to simplify planning and budgeting. Here's how to check your license usage and active users in Sugar. 

How to Check Your License Usage

1. Go to the Administration page

SugarCRM Admin page

2. Click the "License Management" link under the Sugar Connect header

SugarCRM license management

3. Note the listed Number of Users

Licensed sugar users

How to Check the Number of Active Users in Sugar

1. Go to the Reports Module

SugarCRM reports

2. Search for "Licensed Users" list

SugarCRM licensed users

3. Open the Report and note the total umber of users listed

total number of sugar users
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