Creatio has rich functionality to manage security access to users. The greater level of granular control however comes with complexity that can get very confusing to manage as your organization grows.

Setting up security for temporary workers is a common need and is often setup such that it is just for "this one user, this one time".  A common question we get is about providing read-only access so they can view information, but not really make updates.

Configuring this for each user involves configuring them in read-only mode for several functional areas (such as Accounts, Contacts etc.). This is setup by manually adding the user to each area and configuring access per area. So, if there are 20 areas to secure, this means you must make 20 configurations for a user. And this might need to be repeated the next time a new user needs to be configured.

To make this process more manageable, we recommend a proper "Role" be setup on a long-term basis. Once this Role is setup correctly, it is simply a matter of assigning this Role to a user as needed, and the job is done!

Here are the steps for how to set this up:

Step 1: Create a Role called Read-Only users in your organization.  Add the newly created user to this Role.

Read-Only Users

Once created, it should look like this.

Step 2: The system will prompt you to "Update Roles" to make sure it recalculates security rights based on the change. Be sure to run the "Update Roles" process before continuing.

Organizational Roles

Step 3: Next, go to the System Designer-->Access Rights and add the Role to the appropriate areas that should be read-only. Click the “New” button and add the new Role to the list. Then make sure only "Read" access is turned ON.

Note - This step must be repeated for any other areas that need to be secured such as Contacts, Opportunities etc.

Access to Object

Step 4: Once Access Rights are setup, your new user is ready to operate in read-only mode. The nice thing is that most of this setup is a one-time thing. In the future all you need to do is the single step of adding a user to this Role, and they will automatically be given the necessary read-only access.

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