SugarCRM announced the release of Mobile Application Configuration Service (MACS) last week. This new tool allows customers to deploy a customized version of the SugarCRM mobile app for cell phones and tablets. Sugar MACS lets you brand your SugarCRM app with the custom logo and color scheme of your organization. You can also pre-configure the URL of your SugarCRM instance so your users do not have to enter it the first time they use the app.

To qualify to use the SugarCRM Mobile Application Configuration Service, you have to meet three main prerequisites:

  1. You must already have a development account with Google or Apple. This is necessary for app distribution.
  2. Your account must be active on (Hopefully that's a no-brainer!)
  3. You have to have an Enterprise or Ultimate subscription of SugarCRM with at least a 6.7.1 version of the product.

Once you’ve created your custom app, you can deploy it using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) program, a private app store, or via the public Google Play and Apple App stores. You will need to generate a signing certificate to publish the app for iOs or Android. To publish it for iOs, you must also register your Apple developer account. The Sugar MACS integrated help panel can assist you with the prerequisite steps and setup.

Below is a picture of what the MACS setup will look like.

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