If you are using the SQL Executor marketplace add-on for Creatio, you will likely have a need not to just run queries, but also to export data to your spreadsheets or other systems for analysis. The format of the exported output is a semicolon-separated set of values which look like this when opened in Excel:

This looks quite messy and is difficult to work with. You can configure Excel to parse the data and split it into columns, but this tends to be a bit of work, so we have a simpler Excel tip that can help.

Once a query has been executed in the SQL Executor tool and exported, open the file in a text editor like notepad. The raw data will look like this:

Now just add a simple command to the top of the file that indicates what the "separator" is.

The line "sep=;" will indicate to Excel that the Excel file should open and treat each line as if it contains values delimited by the semicolon character.

Finally, just save and re-open the file in Excel. Notice how the data becomes nicely formatted because of the one command we added to the file. The file looks much better now and is separated into columns cleanly.

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