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Think of KnowledgeSync as an invisible assistant to your CRM. KnowledgeSync is a BPM tool that monitors data in Infor CRM and all of your other business applications, as well as in incoming e-mail messages for critical, time-sensitive content or conditions. When such conditions are detected, KnowledgeSync sends out alert messages via e-mail, fax, pager, instant message, text message, and Dashboards. It automatically generates and delivers the forms, documents, and reports your sales team needs to be more efficient.

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KnowledgeSync Resources

Basic ROI Calculator for Companies with ERP

This ROI Calculator lets you do a “basic ROI calculation” using only the first 5 business scenarios, as they apply to virtually every organization using an ERP solution. Each scenario uses a “historical basis” of actual customer usage of a BAM solution to determine the improvement percentage for the corresponding business process.

The Benefits of KnowledgeSync

Disparate software solutions. Each with their own rules, their own processes, and – most often – blissfully ignorant of each other. KnowledgeSync removes that ignorance and enables “intelligent integration” across your business.

ROI Calculator for HR Business Activity Monitoring

This ROI Calculator lets you do a calculation using only the business scenarios as they apply to your organization and your use of an HR solution. Each scenario uses a “historical basis” of actual customer usage of a BAM solution to determine the improvement percentage for the corresponding business process.

Intelligent Alerts

Intelligent alerts are accessible no matter where you are. View KnowledgeSync alerts via email, fax, SMS/cell phone, instant message, Dashboards, and FTP.

Task-Specific Workflow

Update a vendor’s record with details on an expiring lease; or take the details of an incoming email message and create a support ticket in your Help Desk database. If a lease is about to expire, KnowledgeSync can create a to-do item for that vendor.

Reporting - Standard & Exception

If you generate invoices, statements, picking lists, work orders, dunning notices, or any other standard forms or documents, KnowledgeSync automates the process of how the forms are generated and delivered. Generate analytical reports, such as forecast sales reports, stock status reports, and financial reports.

Cross Application Analysis & Response

Trigger an alert when a new sales opportunity is entered in a CRM application for a client on credit hold within your financial application. KnowledgeSync sends out integrated alerts – messages that contain data not from just one application, but from multiple applications. It also executes integrated workflows.

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