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2018 Holiday Updates: New bpm'online Schema Tools Features

We are excited to announce new updates to bpm'online Schema tools! In the previous release, we had all the property(field) types documented except for one —  additional details for Lookup type fields. These indicated their type correctly but did not indicate to which object they were actually related. So, if there was a relationship to the Account object, you would be able to find that field and see that it is defined as a "Lookup" type field.

The problem with that setup is, unless it is named "AccountId" or something similar, one would have to guess what it was related to. With the current release however, this problem is solved.

We looked deeper into the API XML, extracted more information about the related object, and populated this information in the "Related To Entity" column. Now you don’t have to search all the bpm'online packages for the field type information. It shows up easily in one spot and is easily exportable via the Export feature.

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Tired of having to remember logins and passwords?

When working with multiple bpm'online instances, it can get tiring to switch back and forth between different URLs to bpm'online instances and having to retype in logins and passwords. We now have a solution for that, too! This release provides you the ability to setup a list of connections to various systems and save them, so you no longer have to refer back to your spreadsheet of URLs, logins and passwords.

To Setup a connection, click "New Connection"

new bpm'online connection

A window should popup that will allow you to type in and save your credentials:

new bpm'online credentials

Now save your connection, hit the "Load Schema" button and it should load all the information you need. Now you don’t have to type your login and password again (unless of course your password expires).

password bpm'online

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