3 Great Reasons to Join Sugar Community

If you are using SugarCRM, you should join Sugar’s community site: community.sugarcrm.com. Community is quickly becoming the one-stop-shop for keeping up with news and searching for assistance with anything Sugar. Need convincing? Here are 3 great reasons to join:

1. Ask for help. You can post questions, which are often quickly answered by Sugar’s Support team and/or the wider community of Sugar users. From easy to complex, most questions get answered relatively quickly due to the crowd of Sugar experts.

2. Get notified of new releases. You can sign up to “follow” the Releases category. Once you’ve done that, each time a new release is available, you’ll automatically receive an email with the details. This way, you will always know what new features are available!

3. Vote for enhancements. Sometimes, you might have a great idea for a new feature in SugarCRM. Or, you might find a great idea that someone else has posted. You can vote for ideas on community, and the Sugar Products team monitors popular ideas to try to include them in future releases.

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Megan Sheehan
Trainer & Business Analyst

Megan is a CRM expert who helps clients design and build their CRM systems, and trains their teams on how to properly implement. She’s been part of the Technology Advisors team since 2012 and has written three books on CRM. Megan also co-hosts online user groups for various products where she teaches attendees about the latest updates, features, and functions. 

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