The attention of our prospects and customers has become the scarcest resource of all. 

Regardless of the content or technology being used, you have only a few seconds to capture the attention of your buyers, or they quickly move on. 

In order to cut through the barriers of "attention scarcity," the content of our interactions must resonate in order to earn and keep our audience's elusive attention. In order to resonate, those interactions must be highly relevant - and preferably delivered at the right time.

But how do you do this in a way that scales? Your customers and prospects have varying backgrounds, roles, titles, logical and emotional drivers, priorities and motivations. Each of them also has a different understanding, perspective and history with your company. They purchase different products and services, in varying quantities.

This is where database segmentation plays a critical role. The ability for you to interact with your audience in a way that's timely and relevant is directly correlated with your ability to define specific audience segments. The narrower the segment, the more targeted, and thus, relevant, your interactions with them can be.

Segmenting individuals and organizations based on demographics, purchase history, sales cycle stage, CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), web interactions, lead source, or any number of other variables significantly increases the potential of providing the perfect message that resonates with your audience, leading to a deeper level of engagement, and ultimately larger and more sustained levels of value exchange. 

  • Want to know how many customers in Southern California have spent more than $10,000 with you in the last year?
  • Want to invite your most loyal customers to a hosted networking event?
  • What about sending a survey to those who have had more than 5 customer support issues with you in the last year?
  • Perhaps you'd like to introduce a new complimentary product or service to previous buyers of a certain product? 

A unified CRM database can help make the somewhat arduous process of segmentation a breeze, creating customer and prospect segments by which to slice, dice and analyze - ultimately increasing the impact of your sales, service and marketing effort(s).

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