Converting a SugarCRM Report to Another Report Type

SugarCRM’s Reports module allows users to create four different types of reports, each with unique functionality and their own strengths and weaknesses. Have you ever looked at a report and wished it had been created as a different type of report?

The Reports module actually has built-in functionality to help you turn a report of one type into a report of another type with as little work as possible. Simply open a report, and select Duplicate from the action button. Select the type of report you would like to convert the report into. SugarCRM will maintain all of the common settings between the report types, leaving you to fill in only what is distinct or missing for your new version of the report.

For example, SugarCRM version 6.5 came with a system report titled “Pipeline by Team by User.” This summation report gives great high-level information for comparing pipelines by user and team. However, if you want to know more details, such as the breakdown of sales stage or probability for a user’s pipeline, you have to go back and select a different report. What I would like to do is turn this report into a summation with details type of report, so that I can see more details below the chart that I already like to use.

converting a sugarcrm report

When I duplicate as a Summation with Details report, all of my settings are copied. The only thing I will have to do is add what’s new – in this case, what fields do I want displayed in the detail area at the bottom of my report. Once I’ve saved my new report, I can decide whether to keep both reports or delete the original report and use only the new one.

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