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Get Your Sales Team to Actually Use Your CRM - TRY THIS

CRM is an incredible selling tool, but unfortunately, getting your sales team to actually use your CRM is often a challenge in and of itself. Sales people especially can be tough, as they are set in the selling patterns and techniques that make them successful. That’s why adoption for the sales team is so tricky and must be approached slowly, and using familiar ways, until they see the value or realize that the technology is there to help them.

To fix the problem, we first need to understand the cause for hesitation. A number of factors contribute to the resistance towards CRM adoption & use, but the two that always seem to stand out are the perceived time investment and the task of learning something new (especially if they’ve already made up their mind that their way is better).

So, how do you speak to these fears and get your sales team to actually use your CRM? Try this: simplify access to the system.

There are a plethora of strategies out there for motivating your sales team to use CRM software: try gamification, get them proper training, communicate the benefits, eliminate alternatives, etc. These are all excellent starting points, but sometimes they’re not enough.

One way to simplify access is with email extensions. For example, Collabspot. Collabspot simplifies the process of finding the data by giving the user access to data right from their email account — a platform they’re already very familiar with. The Collabspot sidebar helps sales people reach out to leads and customers through email or social networks without having to dig for information in the CRM.  So, now your user has the data in front of them at all times and can manipulate it in a few easy clicks. This “baby step” helps the user unknowingly start to adopt the software because:

  1. There’s less navigation and more instantaneous action, which means the perceived time investment is eliminated.
  2. As the sales rep encounters more reports and analytics, they begin to understand the actual value of CRM data.
  3. The comfortability of accessing the data through a familiar platform negates the fear of learning something new, so when that information is mirrored in the CRM itself, the user picks it up quicker.
  4. Collabspot in particular also integrates with other business applications, so if you throw that into the mix as well, the rep can take the newfound productivity even further.

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A few other nifty features of this particular sidebar are the ability to copy and save emails to the CRM, create and update fields, set contact reminders, and access social media platforms.

If you’ve ever seen the wacky movie Grandma’s Boy you’ll know this quote, which I think concludes my point quite nicely, “I’m just a human, but I’m working on that.” We’re all humans and we’re all afraid of stepping outside our comfort zone.But as businesses move forward, leaders have to forge the path for their teams. A paved path is a lot easier to navigate than a rocky road, so anytime you can simplify the process for employees, do, especially when it comes to something as vital as CRM success.

To learn more about Collabspot, and other productivity tools, visit www.techadv.com/products/collabspot

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