How to remove the Feed tab in bpm'online

How to Remove the Feed Tab in bpm'online

When customizing bpm’online, there is often a need to hide certain "Detail" tabs in a section. In most cases, the tab can be modified or removed from the layout by using the appropriate toolbar items in the top right of the tab area. Here is an example from the Opportunity section:

bpm'online feed 1

If the switch over to the Feed tab, you will notice that the "X" button is missing. The section designer won’t allow the removal of this tab.

bpm'online feed 1

Although the tab may not be removable from the section designer, there is a very extensive API that allows for controlling the layout by going straight to the code. The TabsCollection object provides a way to get to each of the tabs and set their properties at run time. Once you have the collection of tab references via code, it is simply a matter of removing the one you don’t need.

Below is an example of how this can be done for the feed tab. The internal name of the Feed tab is “ESNTab”, so this is how it should be referenced. The same approach can be extended to hide other tabs as well.

Once this code is in place on your page, save it and refresh your page. The tab referenced in the code will be automatically hidden when the page loads.


Allen D'Souza
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