Our customers’ businesses are continuously evolving, and we, as the support team, are regularly enhancing customizations to support the evolution.

I recently reviewed some customizations to determine the impact of the changes on the overall data structure. It was necessary to start with a list of the Creatio tables and fields relevant to the desired changes. However, extracting this information can be quite difficult, mainly because fields can be spread over multiple areas of functionality. I needed to get at a list of database objects(tables) that were related in some way to "Accounts" and involved custom "investment" related objects in Creatio. The criteria for this list was:

  • The object name could be "Account"
  • The object name contained "Account" but had a prefix of "TAI" OR contained the word "Investment"
  • It should not contain the words "Tag", "Folder", "File" as these are auto created system objects that would not be impacted.

Here is what the filtering for that looked like in Creatio:

Fortunately, we have an app that connects to Creatio and could get me exactly what I needed without having to manually extract and comb through all the system data.

Once we defined what was needed and hit the “Apply” button, the system returned exactly what was necessary to tackle our customizations.

To document the information, I simply clicked on the "Export" button to create a csv file that I could instantly send out to my team.

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