How to track a Lead in SalesLogix that was converted into an Account/Contact

Leads in SalesLogix that were converted into an Account/Contact can be tracked in three ways.

The first and easiest way to track Leads in SalesLogix is in the Account and Contact Notes/History Tabs. Both the Account and Contact in SalesLogix will have a history item of type note inserted for the user that performed the conversion. The Description will be Lead Conversion Notes, which can be used in a group query to create a list of Accounts or Contacts that have been converted from a Lead. The History notes will also contain the converted date and converted by information, as well as other information if it was filled out in the Lead Detail section.

The second way of tracking a Lead in SalesLogix is to give the Lead a "Lead Source." The Lead Source field can be found on the Lead's Detail form and is simply a look up of your systems list of Lead Sources. Once the Lead is converted, this Lead Source is displayed on the Contact's Lead Sources Tab.

The third way of tracking a Lead in SalesLogix is by using Campaigns. Campaigns are the most in depth way, as the Marketing Tab for Leads works the same way as the Marking Tab for Accounts and Contacts. A lead can have more than one Campaign assigned to them, as well as multiple responses. Each response can also have its own unique notes. When the Lead is converted, all of this information is copied to the new Account and Contact, giving you additional more information to query the database on.

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