schema tools for bpm'online

Introducing Schema Tools for bpm’online

Bpm'online provides rich customization capabilities to alter the database structure to your specific needs. If you have worked with packages in bpm'online, you will find that it gets difficult to keep track of the data structure because of the inheritance-based package structure.

So, when looking at a database object (i.e. table), you will see the properties (i.e. fields) of the object with the option to look at the properties inherited from the previous version of this object. To see what the final field structure looks like, you must make sure you find the most current package and then analyze which fields are available based on the ones they inherited before.

Tracking this field structure can get confusing depending on the packages you are working on. The best approach would allow you to pull the most current data structure directly from the API and present it in an easy-to-read format. We built the Schema Tools application to enable this.

Schema Tools allow you to specify the URL to your bpm'online system and simply click a button to retrieve an easy-to-read listing of database objects and the definition of each object, down to the field level.

Simplify your CRM database documentation by downloading the application today. The one-click export to a .CSV makes it simple to generate a document that can be viewed in Excel and shared as needed.

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Allen D'Souza
Senior CRM Consultant

Allen is a senior CRM consultant at Technology Advisors Inc. He spends most of his time designing solutions using InforCRM, StarfishETL, and SQLServer. He also specializes in data migrations from-and-to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Allen has been involved in large implementations for prominent players in the real estate, telecom, manufacturing, and publishing industries. Prior to working at Technology Advisors, Allen worked as a Microsoft application developer in the Accounting space. Outside of work, he likes to meditate, play his guitar, and eat chocolate.

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