Is there a way to set the Opportunity defaults for all users in SalesLogix?

Is there a way to set the Opportunity defaults for all users in SalesLogix?  A client recently wanted to change the default estimated close date for new opportunities in SalesLogix to 1 month from 2 months.  The Tools -> Manage -> Opportunity Defaults menu item was disabled for all users, so they needed a way to update everyone at the same time.

Opportunity defaults for all users in SalesLogix

The options in the image above are stored in the UserOptions table.  Unfortunately, if a user has never opened this window, they will not have any entries in the UserOptions table for these options.  As such, we need to update the default option that is used when the user does not have the option defined in the UserOptions table.

To update, run the following two SQL statements through the Administrator.
In the Administrator open then Tools Menu -> Execute SQL…
Run these two SQL statements one at a time making sure to check “Execute statements on the Host Database”
update useroptions set OPTIONVALUE = '1' where name = 'txtEstimatedClose'
update USEROPTIONDEF set DEFVALUE = '1' where name = 'txtEstimatedClose'
Execute SQL in SalesLogix
The first statement will update the option for users that have the option defined in the useroptions table.  Most users probably do not have the option defined because they do not have access to the menu item.  The second statement will update the default option that is used when the user does not have the option defined.

As always, you should have some understanding of what the SQL is doing before running it and always test the statements to make sure they are updating the correct number of rows.

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