Starfish ETL Named One of Chicago’s Best Business Softwares

G2 Crowd recently listed Starfish ETL among Chicago’s top-rated business software programs based on user satisfaction and market presence. The top companies were determined using G2 Crowd’s first Chicagoland GridScape, which uses real-time visualization of business software products to evaluate each offering.

The system plugged in more than 700 user satisfaction reviews from business professionals. It also used vendor size, social impact, and market share to determine each company’s market presence. G2 Crowd noted that “only products with 10 or more validated reviews were included on the GridScape, as to have a large enough sample size for satisfaction ratings.”

If you visit this page, you can see the scatterplot of companies they assessed. Starfish ETL is among the “high performers” in customer satisfaction.

Here’s G2 Crowd’s ranking of the ten companies:

  1. Sertifi
  2. Sprout Social
  3. Steelbrick CPQ (Disclaimer: Steelbrick is a sister company of G2 Crowd)
  4. SurePayroll
  5. DialogTech
  6. NumXL
  7. ExpressPigeon
  8. Geofeedia
  9. Starfish ETL
  10. Personify Live


Starfish ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is a premiere import/export suite of tools that provides seamless integration of data from one database to another, whether hosted, on-premise, or in the cloud. The system is able to integrate with virtually any program from QuickBooks to JD Edward. It can also migrate data between systems without losing or jumbling the valuable information. Migrating without data lose and integrating systems among departments help streamline business processes by connecting employees.

This was G2 Crowd’s first Chicagoland Gridscape. The GridScape tool highlights tech companies of all sizes, including small and growing ones, in the Chicagoland area. As it expands, the information collected will help software purchasers make more informed evaluations of local software businesses.
To learn more about the capabilities of Starfish ETL, visit

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This new Starfish ETL functionality builds on top of the SQLite Xref and SQLite Connector functionality already in Starfish. The SQLite Xref functionality greatly increased the speed and reliability of the Xref system and allowed us to update Xref lists as opposed to just inserting new, possibly duplicate, records. That's great, but it was still kind of limiting. We wanted a way for users to be able to fully interact with the local Starfish SQLite database. Thus, we've introduced 3 new functions: Insert, Update, and Delete.