Taking CRM to the Next Level

Congrats! Your sales team is successfully leveraging your CRM system to manage their leads, develop their pipeline and increase sales. But what happens after the sale?

What happens when the order is placed?
When the order is shipped?
When the services are delivered?
When the invoice is sent?
When the money is collected (or sometimes when it isn't)?

What happens when the customer has an issue?
When they want a different product or more services?

All these customer actions/interactions happen, yet often they aren't captured in any system. Or perhaps, they're captured in multiple systems, databases, or spreadsheets that aren't tied together, or "integrated".

How much time do your employees spend trying to understand where things are in the process and communicate those things with your customers? How much productivity is lost due to relevant information being distributed across a multitude of systems and/or trapped in one or two employee's heads?

Leveraging CRM to improve sales productivity and profitability is great. The issue is when it stops there, becoming just another data silo.

Unifying the entire lead to cash process by integrating marketing, sales, service, support, production, delivery and accounts receivable details, enables a more holistic view of each customer relationship. This, in turn, enables your employees to proactively, and responsibly, provide better service to your customers. What would a 5, 10 or 15% improvement in productivity mean for your bottom line?

Instead of spending time figuring out what's going on, employees across the organization can instantly leverage information from every touch point throughout your customer's relationship with you. Your Sales team should know whether a product has shipped, what issues their customers are having and whether bills have been paid, or not. Production knows when the order was placed. Marketing can leverage deeper insights about customer activity to further define more targeted customer segments. 

You've taken the first step of your CRM journey. By integrating front and back office activities, more profits and growth await!

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