The Pillars of Social CRM

I recently sat in on one of Microsoft’s “Meet the Experts” live webcasts about Social CRM. Microsoft® Dynamics CRM Director, Matt Keenan, led the discussion and explained to us the pillars that compile Social CRM.

Social CRM Pillars

  1. Search
  2. Connect
  3. Collaboration
  4. Understand

The first component, search, must be executed for Social CRM to be effective in any capacity. We must make ourselves easily found. With so much so readily available to us, people are not going to go out of their way to find us. We have to make ourselves searchable in a way that integrates with their daily life.

We need to be able to engage quickly, seamlessly and intuitively. We must allow others an easy way to connect, as well as disconnect, with us at their leisure. The can “like” or “dislike” us. They can “follow” or “unfollow” us.

Social computing is all about collaboration, being active, engaged and upfront with people. Let them collaborate with us. Let them rate us. Allow them the ability to engage with us.

Only half of understanding is collaboration. The other half is the analysis. The value of the social world is magnified when, not only can you see trends, but when you react to them.

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