There's A CRM App For That! 5 Simple Ways to Show Customers You Care has an article up on 5 Simple Ways to Show Customers You Care:

  1. Share Your Knowledge
  2. Ask, Listen, Respond, Adapt
  3. Reward Customers
  4. Hold a Customer Appreciation Event
  5. Do Good

It's a great article and I recommend you check out. Here is my take on how you can apply these points to your own business.

1. Sharing Your Knowledge.  Social CRM is here.  As has always been the case, with it you can manage your e-mail newsletters.  You can now also manage your incoming and outgoing Social CRM communications with applications such as Twitter or Facebook.

2. Ask, Listen, Respond, Adapt.  Without a CRM application, how will you be able to keep track of all of your correspondence with your customers.  Newer CRM packages have the ability to integrate with all forms of communications.  Fax, Email, Snail Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc.

3. Reward Customers.  With the proper CRM application you can track Campaigns where you use Coupons, Gifts, Events, Targeted Mailers, Phone Calls, Social Media, etc.

4. Hold a Customer Appreciation Event.  Customer Appreciate Events or User Groups are a great way to keep your name in a customers mind.  With CRM you are able to invite your customers or potential customers to the events, track registrations and report on attendance and survey results.

5. Do Good.  Doing good is a great thing, but how will your customers know about it if you aren't able to track and effectively communicate your "good."

Using newer CRM products goes far beyond just a giant electronic Rolodex of names and phone numbers.  With a properly setup CRM application and trained user base, you should be able to manage your complete customer experience from prospect to repeat business.  And then some.

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Justin Kuehlthau
Director of Services

Justin is a Customer Relationship Management, CRM, software business analyst and consultant with ten years of experience in the industry. Justin started at Technology Advisors on the support desk where he learned extensively about all facets of CRM software. He was quickly promoted to the role of consultant where he learned the entire process of software consulting from pre-sales to post production support. He now works as the senior Technical Architect with new and existing customers and as the Director of Services at Technology Advisors. 

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