This week I was able to once again dive into generating documents out of SugarCRM with XperiDo. I continue to be impressed by the ease of use and power XperiDo offers. In this case, we created a Proposal Letter based on Opportunities. In addition to Opportunity information, we needed to bring in information about the related Assigned User, Account, Primary Contact and multiple related records in a custom Proposals module. User, Account, and Contact information is easy to bring in because there is only one related record for each module. The Proposal information is trickier because in general, there can be 1-3 related proposals. For each related Proposal, we need to create a duplicate Proposal Option section in the document. XperiDo makes this easy with a few clicks of the button. In addition, everything is simple to format the way we want it to look.

For this task, I walked our customer through creating and editing the data source and template and then created the Proposal Letter. We then switched sides and my customer was easily able to generate a new Master Leasing template. We did all of this in less than 2 hours.

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