Why Video Games Provide A Model For User Adoption

Videogames have it right. They start you out learning some basic skills and expand on those slowly based upon your accomplishments. In other words you can't kill the monster until you can hop from rock to rock. You don't learn how to hop from rock to rock until you can use a sword. 

I watch kids learn how to master the game by a series of small steps in days and weeks until they are experts.  This should be our model for CRM adoption.

Consider some facts:

  • Adults retain two hours of an eight hour training class
  • Most companies try to roll out all features in their initial rollout to save money
  • Forty percent of CRM projects fail because of lack of user adoption

Maybe the answer is that we should slow down our rollout plans and follow the video game model.

The implication of this approach might not be transparent for existing implementations, it means that a new CRM implementation has no additional features than before. New users to CRM should expect a "less is more" approach to deployment with multiple phases being deployed only after the predecessor phase was successfully completed. In video game terms, you have completed the level. 

Because CRM is not an individual sport we need to evaluate the entire team to determine success before we move to the next phase.  This requires us to develop a testing / adoption process that evaluates a CRM team before rollout of the next set of features, or in video game terms, proceed to the next level.

Taming, or killing the CRM monster is about achieving enough skill slowly to get to the next level.  If you do that enough times you can win the game.

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