Category: SugarCRM

Client: EXILE Technologies

Industry: Printing

Prior Product: Peoplesoft; JD Edwards


Prior to their implementation of SugarCRM, EXILE Technologies lacked a proper CRM (Customer Relationship Management |LS|software|RS|). The many products they used failed to live up to expectations and - even together - didn’t constitute a true CRM; they essentially functioned without a proper database. Without adequate visibility, the EXILE team could not review history of the service they delivered to their clients.


Technology Advisors listened to the challenges facing EXILE Technologies, and delivered their sales and support teams a solution uniquely configured to meet their requirements. This solution included a complex data migration, an ongoing data integration with EXILE’s accounting system, creation of several custom modules, and ongoing consultation to promote continuous improvement.


EXILE Technologies now possesses a unified data repository. Support can deliver the assistance their clients require and work more cooperatively both among the team, and with their sales counterparts. With SugarCRM, the entire EXILE team works toward the same goal, leveraging consistent data.

The whole process - from lead to account - has given sales a way to look at new and potential business differently.