Category: SugarCRM

Client: Keller-Heartt Oil

Industry: Lubricants and Absorbents

Prior Product: No formal CRM


Prior to their implementation of SugarCRM, Keller-Heartt had no formal customer relationship management (CRM) system in place. This put them at risk whenever a sales team member matriculated because they had no way to preserve historical company data.


Technology Advisors (TAI) understood the challenges a company new to CRM would face, and delivered the Keller-Heartt team an SFA solution consisting of four modules: accounts, opportunities, leads, and contacts. Additionally, TAI’s team defined a plan to deliver enhanced sales automation via integrations between SugarCRM and Keller-Heartt’s ERP and E-Commerce solutions.


Keller-Heartt now operates using a single-source-of-truth. With the visibility to see if sales reps are adding all the products and services they should, Brian and his team can better understand what it really takes to achieve and exceed their sales targets.

I like the fact that the software’s not tied to a certain piece of equipment. It lets you look things up online from anywhere.