Category: SugarCRM

Client: LabSource

Industry: Laboratory supplies and distribution

Prior Product: Skyline; Telemagic


Prior to their implementation of SugarCRM, LabSource had their data spread across 4 different databases. Each subsidiary’s sales team maintained their own records and often sold over each other, which put the relationships they had with their client base at risk.


After reviewing their current situation, Technology Advisors (TAI) recommended SugarCRM, which they then used to house all the data formally spread across their disparate systems. Today, regardless of the brand under which they are selling, all LabSource professionals collaborate and strategize on their accounts inside SugarCRM.


With this single-source-of-truth and associated analytics, LabSource leadership now holds their sales team accountable and uses the perspective gained to identify and clone their most successful salesmen’s strategies. LabSource’s improved sales processes have allowed them to pursue additional markets, and ultimately take strides toward growing their revenue over the next several years.

Speaking about SugarCRM’s reporting: 
“This is really cool; there’s stuff in here I simply couldn’t do before!”