Category: Infor CRM

Client: ReCept Pharmacy

Industry: Pharmacy


ReCept started looking for a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution when management realized their current system was holding everyone back. The old system was not compatible with ReCept’s other programs, so sales representatives were doing double the work to track and maintain customer demographic information. Visibility between departments was almost non-existent, and because the teams couldn’t see what was coming up in queue they lost efficiency and often overlapped their efforts.


Technology Advisors worked with ReCept to implement both Infor CRM and Xbar as a new CRM solution. As coworkers saw one another succeed, they wanted to adopt the new system themselves.


Sales reps are now making more calls, in a more personalized way. Call histories are recorded and can be referenced by other employees. All departments have gained the ability to send emails faster, use tools to track their work, and utilize tickets to assign tasks. With dashlets acting as reminders, team members are always aware of what needs to be accomplished and the timeframe in which they must complete it.

It’s one thing to implement the tool, but the ongoing support that I received from TAI was instrumental. The level of support, the responsiveness, has made me look back and think that I’ve made the right decision with this tool. It’s been the same way for my team — that support has led to the success of this implementation.