This micro-webinar (30 minutes or less) series focuses on three major factors of email marketing. Co-hosted with the marketing automation experts of Act-On, these condensed presentations will quickly deliver the relevant insights you need to create marketing content that yields higher returns.  

  1. Deliverability & List Maintenace: This webinar will cover key performance factors of deliverability, the most recent spam laws and data management. We'll give you ideas for how to keep your lists clean and your deliverability rates high. 
  2. Data Driven Marketing: The second webinar in this series will dive into data segmentation and lead scoring and how to use the behavior and demographic information you collect to create more targeted messages for your audiences. 
  3. Using Your Website as a Conversion Funnel: In the final installation of this series, the experts at Act-On are back to teach us how to use a website to convert leads with greater efficiency and create campaigns for those leads that are more compelling, data driven, and targeted. 

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Duration: 30 minutes

Location: Webinar

Cost: Free