Blackbird User Console Extends Sage KnowledgeSync

Des Plaines, IL - May 17, 2010 - Technology Advisors, a leading Midwest Business and Technology Solutions Consulting Company, announced today a partnership with Vineyardsoft Corporation for the rollout of Blackbird, a centralized alert command center for users of the Sage KnowledgeSync Alerts and Workflow solution.

Extending Sage KnowledgeSync's inherent alert delivery capabilities, Blackbird provides each user with a dynamic, interactive list of their alerts and activities. From this list, a user may both view the details behind a "triggered event," and also mark the event as "complete," thus removing it from their list of to-do items.

Complementing Sage KnowledgeSync's workflow capabilities, Blackbird provides direct links from a user's list of tasks to the appropriate option within the corresponding business application. For example, when Sage KnowledgeSync alerts an account manager that a sales opportunity has not be followed-up on, Blackbird's dynamic to'do list not only displays that alert, but allows a user to double-click on that message and go right to the sales record of that opportunity within their CRM solution.

Similarly, when Sage KnowledgeSync detects that a stock item is running low (and sends an alert including a purchase order), an employee working in finance will see the PO request listed in their Blackbird window and can simply click on that item to automatically approve or deny the PO for processing.

Like Sage KnowledgeSync, Blackbird can be tied to any number of 3rd party applications so that individual users, regardless of department, have a single interactive window from which they can manage and act on alerts and assigned tasks across their organization. The combination of Blackbird and Sage KnowledgeSync effectively bridges the gap between delivered alerts and the need for users to manage and respond to their action items.

The initial release of Blackbird will include pre-configured connectivity to Sage Software's SalesLogix CRM product line and to the Sage MAS500 ERP solution.

"The addition of Blackbird to Sage KnowledgeSync brings true closed-loop Workflow Management to the Sage Software community," says James Murphy, CEO of Vineyardsoft. "An alert is only as useful as a recipient's ability to see it, act on it, and complete related activities. Blackbird is an interactive management console that gives each user a quick, easy, and friendly way to manage and respond to their alerts."

"Sage KnowledgeSync has always been the best solution for providing the right information to the right people at the right time," said Sam Biardo, co-founder of Technology Advisors, "but getting users to take the appropriate action in response to an alert was not always easy for users. The Blackbird add-on to Sage SageKnowledgeSync gives users the ability to track and complete tasks instantly - and does so in a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution."

Pricing for Blackbird is set at $36 per year for each user. For more information, and to download a Free Blackbird demo, visit

This product is no longer supported