Technology Advisors Announces New Partnership with Viabl

Chicago, February 4, 2016 — Technology Advisors, a global business and technology consulting company, is now partnered with relationship automation software provider, Viabl. Viabl transforms otherwise dormant CRM data into actionable intelligence through relationship automation functionality that keeps businesses aware of the health and status of relationships with their customers and contacts.

The system sends alerts to the user’s CRM dashboard when they need to reach out to a client or business partner and also provides the option to create a customizable email or use a fully automated response.

“It is our goal to enhance the world’s relationships,” says Josh Sweeney, Founder of Viabl. “Adding a leading CRM partner like Technology Advisors is an amazing opportunity and gives their customers the ability to increase value from CRM.”

“We’re constantly seeking the most dynamic and advanced solutions for our customers, so when we saw Viabl’s capabilities, we knew it was the right match,” says Technology Advisors CEO, Sam Biardo. “The product adds a new layer of communication to the traditional CRM and integrates seamlessly with Sugar, which makes it of great value to our client base.”

Technology Advisors provides services for project management, sales automation, customer service and support, call center optimization, analytics, and other business functions in addition to its role as a CRM reseller. Viabl is a leader in relationship automation software and proactive customer relationship management. Through relationship automation, Viabl is dedicated to enhancing account management and sales for B2B organizations by improving business and customer relationships. To learn more about Technology Advisors and Viabl, visit

Contact: Danine Pontarelli, TAI Marketing Manager | 847.655.3415