Technology Advisors Partners with ActivePBX Telephony Solution

January 23, 2019

CRM-Friendly Phone System Keeps Customers Connected

CHICAGO, January 23, 2019 — Technology Advisors, Inc., a software consulting firm out of Chicago, has partnered with global Cloud-based business phone system provider ActivePBX to deliver Cloud telephony integration to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) users. Integrating a CRM with telephony helps personalize the sales experience by looking up a customer’s information in the CRM while the rep is dialing. The ActivePBX integration also routes calls directly to internal reps, so the person already familiar with the customer can provide a more engaging and personal experience.

"ActivePBX has the Cloud capabilities our customers are looking for,” says Technology Advisors CEO, Sam Biardo. “These businesses need reliable, CRM-friendly telephony integrations that keep their sales teams mobile and their services teams in the loop. ActivePBX offers the features that deliver on those needs while saving our customers time and money, so we’re looking forward to our partnership with them.”

ActivePBX integrates with major CRM providers such as SugarCRM, Infor, Zendesk, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce. The company’s global presence extends through Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Once the ActivePBX system is integrated with a CRM, it automatically records detailed call logs for both inbound and outbound calls, providing analytic reports for deeper insights. Features such as call monitoring and “whisper” mode allow users to monitor phone calls and communicate with fellow employees on the line without interrupting the customer. Call routing ensures the appropriate responder answers each call, while call recording and playback helps users maintain accurate records of their conversations.

“By collaborating with the team at Technology Advisors, ActivePBX ensures a consistent onboarding process for clients to leverage all of the features and functionality of their CRM and Enterprise cloud telephony platform.” says ActivePBX CEO, Alex Gonzalez. “Our team provides the personalized white-glove experience needed for a successful CRM integration.”

ActivePBX is a global provider of Cloud-based phone systems that connect users to their customers anywhere in the world. The dynamic platform integrates with major CRM systems to enable call data enrichment, analytics, automated functions, and more. To learn more about ActivePBX, visit

Technology Advisors is a global business and technology consulting company that provides services for CRM implementation, project management, sales automation, analytics, and other business functions. To learn more about Technology Advisors and ActivePBX, visit

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