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3CLogic seamlessly merges the powerful information stored in your CRM with a complete end-to-end cloud communication platform, empowering your team to manage all client data and communication channels from a single user interface. Leverage a single, comprehensive tool to enhance lead follow-up and nurturing, effectively manage customer engagements and gain greater visibility into performance metrics, creating a cohesive experience for your customers and internal workforce. . 

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Communication as a Service

3CLogic integrates with SugarCRM, Zendesk, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, InfusionSoft, Zoho, and more. Watch this short video to see how the advanced multichannel communication platform works with SugarCRM to create more meaningful customer relationships. 

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Integration with leading CRM/CSM/WFO/WFM/Social Customer Care Platforms

#1 Outbound Features and Functionality

Dynamic Scripting Engine

Customizable Reporting Engine

Automatic Call Distribution

Enterprise-Grade Reliability and Security

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Key Market Trends to Watch in the Rapidly Changing Customer Engagement Market

The ongoing transition to multichannel and omnichannel customer care from the long-lived voice channel is adding confusion regarding which channels will dominate and which will not survive. This ongoing evolution of the marketplace is being further complicated by several major developing industry trends that are occurring simultaneously, creating the perfect storm for industry change.

The Stride Center Maximizes Its Cloud Potential with 3CLogic

The Stride Center, a non-profit social venture, recognized that advancements in the Cloud meant their previous barriers to entry around capital expenditures were very low, and it was time to invest in a call center solution. Find out why they chose 3CLogic in this customer success story. 

Medworx Streamlines Call Center with 3CLogic

As a leading provider of pharmaceutical, radiology, and healthcare management services, Pogosyan Corporation routinely seeks innovative ways to enhance its business model and the overall customer experience. So when the opportunity to internalize and streamline its call center needs arose, it never hesitated. How did it succeed? Simple - it found the right solution.

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