ActivePBX Cloud telephony

ActiveCRM® further confirms that knowledge is power by integrating your phone system with the most popular cloud-based CRM and help desk platforms such as SugarCRM, Zendesk, MS Dynamics and many more. Functioning as a universal add-on to your web browser, inbound calls “connect-the-dots” to automatically match prospects and customers in your contact database.

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ActivePBX Features

ActiveCRM enhances company productivity through simpler outbound calling, superior relationship monitoring, follow-up activities, lead generation and innovative analytics.

  • Automatic Call Logging
  • Click to Dial
  • Call Popups
  • Realtime Analytics
  • Create CRM Tasks
  • Create CRM Records


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ActivePBX Resources

The Complete Cloud Solution

Is ActivePBX right for you? Learn about this complete Cloud solution and how the Cloud telephony system works with major CRMs like Sugar, Salesforce, Dynamics, and Zendesk to enhance your telephony capabilities. 

ActivePBX & SugarCRM

Combine the power of ActiveCRM with your Sugar to boost productivity, simplify outbound calling, utilizen call analytics, and much more. 

ActivePBX Hybrid Cloud Solution

The ActivePBX Hybrid Cloud solution is ideal for businesses that want to leverage their existing PBX investment but gain the benefits of CTI integration. Learn more about how this solution seamlessly interconnects designated groups of users in this sales sheet. 


ActiveCRM pulls both inbound and outbound phone calls to track who answered the call and what was discussed.


Use the @ symbol to email a team member (e.g. @matt) call notes and call records. Emails are easily logged in the CRM so imperative information is never lost.


Pull any customer emails from the CRM system to discover recent interactions and pick up where you left o­ff.

Task Follow Up

Natural language processing lets users type phrases like “Follow-up next week” and ActiveCRM creates a reminder task in the CRM.


Notes are prominently displayed in the Activities Slider for quick access. Users stay informed on the customer’s status, even if the interaction was not a phone call.


Both the @mentions and the Task Follow-up features display a green indicator to let users know which processes will fire after the call is complete.

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