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AgileField collaborates with your ERP or accounting system to streamline mobile workforce management. From its easy drag-and-drop scheduling interface to its automatic employee and customer notifications, AgileField advances field service capabilities to simplify automated route planning, inventory replenishment, logistics, demand forecasting, and much more. 


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AgileField is the Complete Field Service Management Solution

AgileField's cloud-based, mobile technology uses advanced field service capabilities to keep technicians and customers in the know and moving forward. With auto-scheduling and dispatch, complete system integration, a mobile field app, and work order management, its advanced capabilities are ideal for industries like: 

  • Construction
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Facility Management
  • Cable and Telecom
  • Business Services
  • Oil & Gas

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Reduce inventory by tracking remote parts, truck stock, and warehouse

Complete more jobs on time and on budget.

Increase revenue by eliminating paper systems.

Improve customer communication with automatic notifications.

Increase productivity by automatically scheduling field technicians.

Track work orders and asset history across all job sites.

Reduce inventory by tracking remote parts, truck stock, and warehouse.

AgileField Case Studies

AgileField Delivers Full-Scale Field Service for Wireless Communications Company

The company wanted a full-scale field service solution that could pull ALL pertinent data from the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, act on it and report back throughout the organization. In real-time.
AgileFSM brought it all together.

AgileField Improves Routing by 30% for International Telecommunications Company

During the first week of testing, the company saw a 30+ percent increase in technician routing efficiencies. Calculating only the vehicle-related savings from driving fewer miles, the company projected a $50,000 annual savings in the test market alone. 

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