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Collabspot helps salespeople close more deals, faster, with 1-to-1 marketing automation in Gmail that integrates their CRM. This Chrome extension brings multiple business apps into your Gmail simultaneously. It is a sales email platform that solves the problem of CRM adoption by helping salespeople reach out to leads and customers through email and social networks. Users get timely cues and easy access to customer data so they can close deals without friction. 

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In this video, we guide you through the setup & screen views that make up Collabspot. Collabspot gives you timely cues to contact your leads and customers and helps you reach out to them through email or social networks. The sidebar gives you fast and easy access to all the data in Sugar 7.x through your Gmail inbox so you can boost sales with new and updated content.


Sidebar Access and Edit

Gain access to Sugar7 info when reading or composing an email. Create and update data in any field in Sugar7 from within Gmail and see all customer emails via this sidebar.

Email Tracking and Reminders

Get an automatic cue to follow up with a lead or contact when they have read your email. View the city and country from where they open your email and set reminders to follow-up if they don’t act on your message.

Copy Your Emails into Sugar 7

Copy your emails to Sugar7 at the click of a button to boost collaboration and close deals together. Each team member can view the email that other team members have sent or received. See if your email has already been saved to Sugar7 to avoid duplicates.

Sales Reporting and Analytics

Know how your sales team is performing with insight into email reports, tracking for sales and support metrics, and a view of salespeoples’ performance stats.

Find and Share Best Practices

Find the best practices for email communication and share them with your sales team. Contact customers with email templates that are proven to convert.

Utilize Social Integration

Keep track of the social network activities of your contacts through your Gmail inbox. Use the one-click access via your Gmail sidebar to see their activity on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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