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Nubitalk is a cloud-based contact center powered by Collab. It is an omnichannel solution that integrates multiple media channels (voice, video, chat, email and social media) in a single interface. Nubitalk is a great solution for every company size because it has a comprehensive array of features but it’s intuitive and doesn’t require coding skills to be set up. It also offers great flexibility because users pay only for what they use, without upfront investment. Nubitalk - customer engagement made easy.

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Facebook Messenger ChatBot Integration

Nubitalk integrates Artificial Intelligence with the Contact Center infrastructure. It can provide Self Learning Chat Bots (for customer self-service), Predictive Quality Monitoring (Machine Learning auto-suggesting interactions to evaluate) and Predictive Routing (AI based pairing between agents and customers).

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Self-service Management Portal

Administrators can use this portal to manage and configure everything related to the Contact Center or Office Phone.

Access to All Media Channels

Voice, Video, Chat, Email and Social Media interactions in single interface. This helps agents answering queries from different sources without toggling between applications.

Intelligent Routing

Directs inbound calls to the most suitable agent/group based on configured business rules, algorithms, or skills.

Outbound Dialers

Preview, power and predictive dialers.

3rd Party Integration

Standard off-the-shelf integrations with leading CRM solutions and
ticketing software.

Real-Time and Historical Reporting

Monitor campaigns, queues, IVRs, scripts, lists, departments, teams and agents performance from any device for immediate action.


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