Seed CRM Unlocks Your Data Potential

If you’re a seed grower, distributor, or reseller using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of your business info, you’re missing out on the power of your own data. Seed CRM (Customer Relationship Management) unlocks your data potential by aligning your processes, connecting your systems, and combining the knowledge of your sales, marketing, service, and finance departments.

Seed CRM software (powered by SugarCRM) is more than just a rolodex of business information. It’s a versatile, powerful way to unite all aspects of your seed data to analyze trends, buying habits, sales activities, customized opportunities, and much more.

Seed CRM works together with ERP and other integratable software to remove the limitations of disparate systems and better align processes. Unlike simple spreadsheets, Seed CRM creates a 360-degree view of your data to empower your sales team, ignite your marketing efforts, organize your service department, and optimize your financial planning.

Read below to learn more about CRM and how Technology Advisors’ Seed CRM solution can help you unlock the true potential of your Seed data.

With CRM you can:

  • Capture customer information
  • Onboard sales reps faster
  • Track buying histories
  • Build customized marketing lists
  • Manage customer cases
  • Recognize buying trends
  • Monitor sales activities
  • Automate processes
  • Identify opportunities
The Technology Advisors staff was instrumental to our transition to Seed business CRM. They sold us the product, they customized it to our needs, they helped train our team, and supported us when we ran into obstacles. Their professionalism is helping us make the most of our CRM investment.
John Brutty, Burrus Seed

Seed CRM

Technology Advisors took the best components of SugarCRM and added capabilities specific to the needs of the seed industry. Our developers worked with seed companies to discover the features essential to their business and customize the CRM to perform the actions most crucial to them.

Then, we combined it with the power of integration. With the ability to integrate to any back office software, SeedWare, and Quickbooks, Seed CRM users enjoy the analytic power of complete data transparency.


Highlights of our Seed CRM include:

  • SeedWare ERP integration
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Sales Rep activity tracking
  • Year-to-Year buyer activity
  • Smart follow-up and reminders
  • Support case mgmt & tracking
  • Marketing automation integration
  • Email campaigns

Seed CRM Screenshots

accounts main
farm details
finance information
sales calls
sales by month
customer information


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