Leveraging Machine Learning Using CRM Data

It comes as no surprise that CRM systems are fantastic platforms for organizing and storing customer information. But these days, they need to be so much more. Machine learning and AI applications are the new must-have CRM features. Many of the top CRM providers are offering these capabilities pre-baked into their solutions.

For example, SugarCRM’s Hint data enrichment tool scans the internet to fill in the blanks on customer information, schedule real-time alerts for emails and push notifications, and deliver actionable intelligence for recognizing upsell and cross-sell opportunities. With just a name and email entered in the CRM, Hint can find the contact’s company, social media pages, annual revenue, recent news articles, and more.

Why Machine Learning will Change Accounting Software in 2018

The supercomputer is no longer a thing of fiction—it’s here.  And odds are, you interact with one on a daily basis. 

Companies like Netflix and Spotify use machine learning to track your history and make suggestions. 32% of U.S. households have a smart assistant like Alexa who functions using AI software (and it’s estimated that by 2019, that percentage will near 50%).

Machine learning has seen real applications in software industries as well.  Specifically, in 2018, the majority of accounting software products have already adopted AI technologies in order to improve and automate daily functions.