4 Reasons Creatio Rocks for Customer Management

They started rockin’ and ain’t never gonna stop…being customer orientated, that is. Unlike the band Foreigner, Creatio has CRM in their eyes and lots of it. With the mission to boost customer business efficiency, this cloud-based software prides itself in managing the complete customer journey. Unlike traditional CRMs, Creatio is process-driven, meaning they focus on nailing down the processes first and then evolve data to work inside those processes. This way, the process manages the data, not the other way around. Here are four reasons Creatio rocks for customer management.

Three Valuable Integrations Every CRM User Should Consider

You understand the importance of a good CRM system – which is why you have one! But are you using it to its full potential? By integrating some core systems with your CRM software, you can take your multi-tasking, lead-generating abilities to a whole new level. Here are three valuable integrations you should consider as add-ons to your CRM.

Why Integrating Your CRM is Crucial for Competitive Advantage

Did you know that 91% of businesses with more than 11 employees are using CRM? It’s obvious companies of all sizes are recognizing the value of CRM, but that also means higher stakes and greater competition. Once a productivity wheelhouse for the elite, CRM is now so accessible that even the smallest companies can participate.

If CRM technology is leveling the playing field, how can you maintain a competitive advantage?

Integrating CRM uses the innate benefits of your software investments to create one cohesive, scalable, cost-saving powerhouse. A CRM system can be integrated with almost anything: ERP, marketing automation, phone systems, social media, and even legacy databases. There are numerous competitive advantages for each of these integrations, but here are a few of the big hitters:

5 Ways Working with CRM Helped Prepare Me for Wedding Planning

We got engaged on a drizzly, chilly afternoon in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was perfect. Then, I began my wedding research. Which venues should we look at? What date would we like? Who are we inviting to the wedding? As wonderful as it was to start thinking about our big day, it was also very overwhelming. There are a lot of moving parts to a wedding, and keeping track of them all is quite an undertaking.

That’s when the lightbulb clicked on. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how my wedding woes mirrored the issues our customers face every day: forecasting, budgeting, tracking contacts, managing paperwork, etc. It turns out, working with CRM taught me a lot about the importance of managing these aspects. Here’s how:

Winning Sales, Writing Well, & The SugarCRM Workshop

If you’re looking to win more sales, enhance your business writing strategies, and get a stronger grasp on SugarCRM functionality, this year’s Chicago SugarCRM Workshop is a can’t-miss event. From October 24-25th, Technology Advisors will combine complimentary SugarCRM training with a free educational workshop on executing effective sales processes through SugarCRM. Here are some of the most exciting highlights:

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6 CRM Mistakes You'll Never Make Again

Your CRM is built to work for you and designed to succeed with you. It processes and stores all your valuable client data while highlighting key relationships. Your CRM even automates administrative tasks to save your team time, so don’t compromise its value with avoidable implementation and maintenance mistakes. Here are six deadly CRM mistakes and what you can do to prevent them.

3 Tips to Keep Your CRM From Failing After Implementation

You just spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours implementing your new CRM. Now what? According to a Merkel Group study, up to 63% of CRM initiatives fail. It’s time to take preventative measures to ensure the viability of your CRM and maximize your newfound data potential. Here are three tips to keep your CRM from failing after implementation.

5 Innovative Ways to Automate Your Sales Processes

Guest post by: Nikka Ann Alejandro
Businesses that want to survive in the ever-growing competitive markets where technological solutions are changing faster than ever — faster than many businesses can keep up with — need to be on the forefront of adopting new technologies. By the time a new software solution has been implemented, technology could easily have moved on. Under this intense pace of innovation, a lot of business owners are becoming paralyzed by fears of making the wrong investment choices.

What is Drip Marketing?

What is drip marketing? Well, you asked the right person. As the Director of Marketing here at TAI, I have some direct connection with this topic. Here’s how I describe drip marketing: Drip marketing is like a casual dinner party – your guests arrive at different times and from various places, but they are all lead to the same buffet once they get there. When a new guest walks up to the buffet, she starts on the side of the table with appetizers and makes her way down to the desserts. It doesn’t matter that five other guests are already eating dessert, she hasn’t built up to that point yet and so it is logical for her, individually, to experience the buffet from its origin.