Approaches to Training an Enterprise on CRM

At Technology Advisors, we have a lot of experience with all aspects of implementing CRM systems. We’ve been around and doing this for over 10 years now. Time and time again, we find one aspect of an implementation that is often overlooked: training. So much focus is often placed on the requirements, design, and development (and rightfully so), that training can often be an afterthought for an organization.  This is very dangerous.  I mean, think about it, you are making a huge investment in your CRM system; however, if your users can’t use it, how will it ever be successful?

There's A CRM App For That! 5 Simple Ways to Show Customers You Care has an article up on 5 Simple Ways to Show Customers You Care:

  1. Share Your Knowledge
  2. Ask, Listen, Respond, Adapt
  3. Reward Customers
  4. Hold a Customer Appreciation Event
  5. Do Good

It's a great article and I recommend you check out. Here is my take on how you can apply these points to your own business.

1. Sharing Your Knowledge.  Social CRM is here.  As has always been the case, with it you can manage your e-mail newsletters.  You can now also manage your incoming and outgoing Social CRM communications with applications such as Twitter or Facebook.

How to track a Lead in SalesLogix that was converted into an Account/Contact

Leads in SalesLogix that were converted into an Account/Contact can be tracked in three ways.

The first and easiest way to track Leads in SalesLogix is in the Account and Contact Notes/History Tabs. Both the Account and Contact in SalesLogix will have a history item of type note inserted for the user that performed the conversion. The Description will be Lead Conversion Notes, which can be used in a group query to create a list of Accounts or Contacts that have been converted from a Lead. The History notes will also contain the converted date and converted by information, as well as other information if it was filled out in the Lead Detail section.