Push Notifications Vs. Email: Which is a Better Lead Generation Channel?

Guest Post by: Azat Eloyan

The internet age has transformed the way businesses reach out to their customers. There are many channels that can be used to deliver your message, however, the effectiveness of your message and whether it inspires the recipients to act upon it depends on many factors, including the channel that is used to communicate the message.

Both email and push notification channels have proven extremely effective as lead generation tools. Businesses around the world use these channels to connect with potential customers. However, digital marketers must use distinct communication strategies with each of these two channels to maximize their potential benefits.

5 Tips for Improving Your Email Open Rates

We’re all swimming in a sea of email overload. Because of this, we’ve learned to filter. I, for example, like to go through all my emails right when I get into the office and immediately delete ones I don’t care to read, then go back in and read the ones that are more important to me. But how does a person perceive the value of an email? This is a question you should consistently be asking yourself as you create email content. Here are five things to keep in mind for improving your email open rates.

Email Marketing Basic Tips

Email marketing is common place. We are inundated with marketing type emails on a daily basis, both in our work email accounts, as well as our personal email accounts. If you're a marketer, like myself, you're also sending these marketing emails out to your prospect/customer base. Because we receive them so much, we know are very aware of what it is like to be on that end of things. This poses the never ending question, how do we get people to open our emails and take the action we want them to take?