CRM Comparison Part 2: Comparing Marketing Features

Welcome to part two of our series on CRM selection. If you missed part one, we discussed sales features worth considering when searching for a CRM. You can read that post here. In part two, we’ll discuss the marketing features. I’ll begin by repeating my redundant (but important!) point about CRM selection: You should never choose a CRM based on features alone. Thoughtful strategic planning is essential for any successful CRM implementation. We’ll discuss strategic planning in another post, but if you’re unsure where to begin, reach out to a CRM consultant (like us!). A CRM consultant knows the questions to ask and the tasks to prioritize to help you select the best fitting CRM solution.

Improving Usability: Adding Field Hints in Creatio

Sometimes small tweaks to how a field looks on a screen can make a big difference in usability and improve the quality of data captured. Adding field hints is one way to improve this usability in Creatio. 

Take for example a field like "Alternative Name" on the Account screen in Creatio. It is a generic field that lets you type alternative names for a company. Depending on your business, it might be necessary to clearly indicate what that field was meant to contain. You might want users to type a meaningful value like the official (Doing Business As) name in that field so you have it for legal purposes.

Creatio field Also Known As

Using Technology to Support Your Business Strategy

That said, integrating technology and running a successful digital transformation is not an easy task, and can be a tall order for many growth-oriented businesses due to the size of the financial investment needed to kick-start these changes. Add to that, the onboarding process for the employees often requires time and effort, which can further hinder productivity for a certain amount of time. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the essential technological changes you should bring to your business in order to boost your long-term business strategy without breaking the bank.

How to Install Sugar Connect on Office 365

Sugar Connect is SugarCRM’s Outlook 365 email integration product. Connecting Outlook to Sugar provides multiple benefits for the user, allowing them to access CRM information from their email sidebar, sync and access shared calendars, and much more.

We’ve noticed that a few of our customers were having trouble installing the Sugar Connect module, so here are some simple instructions to get it working:


STEP 1: When installing Sugar Connect on Office 365, it’s sometimes hard for users to navigate the maze of setup menus to get to the correct location. Have them try this URL instead. 
Once there, Choose “Add from a URL”.

Triggering an Email Notifications for an Event in Creatio

Sometimes, when a certain action happens in Creatio, you want one or more recipients to be notified of the action via email. You can easily build a process to make this happen. Building a process requires system administrator rights.

Before you start building, make a plan. Think about what you want to include in the email message, who you want to send the email to, and exactly what the trigger action will be – and make sure all of the necessary data exists in Creatio. Also, make sure you have a mailbox set up in Creatio to send the emails – you can add one in your user profile if necessary.

The Importance of CRM Response Time Analysis

When deploying a new CRM, we must consider how the system performance between the client and servers will factor into the CRM performance for users. Response time plays a key role in the users' ability to adopt the system. Before the CRM goes live, it’s important to determine the CRM response time. This data creates a baseline to draw from in the future.

5 Extraneous Business Expenses and How to Eliminate Them

That said, sometimes the problem isn’t that you’re not investing your money in a smart way, it’s that your business is losing money on extraneous expenses. These financial leaks can put a big dent in your budget over the course of a year, and might even prevent you from achieving your goals or executing your growth strategy. So today, let’s take a look at the five business leaks you need to fix, as well as some of the most cost-effective ways to invest back into your business to pave the road to success.

How to Use CRM Automation to Free up More Time

According to a recent study, 40% of people are working after 10 pm and 26% of work is completed outside of normal hours. Only a measly 2.8 hours per day is spent on productive tasks.

So, what are people doing with the rest of that time? Their days are consumed by checking emails, scheduling meetings, responding to chats, perusing social media, etc.

Based on these statistics (and the complaints we all hear from our coworkers) we can conclude that everyone would be overjoyed to add a few precious hours back to their workday.

A CRM system is great for organizing information and facilitating quick data analysis; but its automation capabilities also can help free up more time in your workday. Check out these seven tips for using CRM automation to free up more time.