The Importance of CRM Response Time Analysis

When deploying a new CRM, we must consider how the system performance between the client and servers will factor into the CRM performance for users. Response time plays a key role in the users' ability to adopt the system. Before the CRM goes live, it’s important to determine the CRM response time. This data creates a baseline to draw from in the future.

5 Extraneous Business Expenses and How to Eliminate Them

That said, sometimes the problem isn’t that you’re not investing your money in a smart way, it’s that your business is losing money on extraneous expenses. These financial leaks can put a big dent in your budget over the course of a year, and might even prevent you from achieving your goals or executing your growth strategy. So today, let’s take a look at the five business leaks you need to fix, as well as some of the most cost-effective ways to invest back into your business to pave the road to success.

How to Use CRM Automation to Free up More Time

According to a recent study, 40% of people are working after 10 pm and 26% of work is completed outside of normal hours. Only a measly 2.8 hours per day is spent on productive tasks.

So, what are people doing with the rest of that time? Their days are consumed by checking emails, scheduling meetings, responding to chats, perusing social media, etc.

Based on these statistics (and the complaints we all hear from our coworkers) we can conclude that everyone would be overjoyed to add a few precious hours back to their workday.

A CRM system is great for organizing information and facilitating quick data analysis; but its automation capabilities also can help free up more time in your workday. Check out these seven tips for using CRM automation to free up more time.

Getting a Grip on Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics have been around for a while, but the concept only gained significant traction in recent years. Several factors contribute to this. Economic conditions are tougher, and competition is more intense, so companies are scrambling to differentiate. Predictive analytics reveal opportunities for that.

In addition, analytic capabilities are more accessible in today’s software systems and easier for the average business user to understand. The sheer volume of data in the Cloud has given immediate and widespread data access to internal teams, providing more fuel to burn the fires of predictive analysis.

So, what do we need to know about predictive analytics? How are industries using it to their advantage and how can we do the same? In this blog, we’ll try to get a grip on those answers.

How to Display Top N Rows in Creatio Using Detail Area

Creatio has a quick and easy way to build a detail area (a.k.a. one-to-many relationship). You've probably already tried using the detail wizard and bpm'online auto-magically generated the functionality for you behind the scenes. So easy!

Let's take that one step further. Let's use Wonka Industries as our example. Wonka Industries wants to be able to see the top three years of revenue by each client to determine the company's sweetest years with that client. The revenue is tabulated and available in Creatio, but Wonka wants sales reps to see only a snapshot display of the top three years.

So, we must use a little bit of code to accomplish three tasks: