SalesLogix Mobile - New User Friendly and Faster Features

We are all living in a mobile world and all we want is to quickly and easily access all the information we can possibly get, right at our fingertips. That's not too much to ask, right?

Sage SalesLogix Mobile is quick and easy to use, as it is built on next generation web application technology. Because Sage uses its Sdata web service to communicate directly with your main database, there is no syncing of data necessary. I'm definitely not the most technical person in the world, or anywhere close, but I do know that not having to sync definitely speeds things up. Plus, with a single URL to access your data, end-user installation is not required.

I recently watched a demo of the new Sage SalesLogix Mobile v1.2 and here are my favorite/most useful take-aways:

Soothing Ointment for a Minor Irritation

Sometimes all you need is a small change to convert an irritated customer. This was the case recently when one of our clients submitted a ticket about the "Check for Duplicates" button on the Insert Contact/Account screen.

It seems that even though they filled out fields on the form and pressed the "Check for Duplicates" button, the screen is displayed but no duplicates are found. I guess the argument could be made that this is a training issue, because all you need to do is check the fields you're interested in searching on and press the button again. Therein lies the source of the irritation. The client felt that filling out the form and pressing "Check for Duplicates" should do the trick.

A little sleuthing on our part resulted in a simple change involving two lines of code, also known as 'the ointment.'

Where and how to apply the ointment:

Creating and Naming SData Feeds in SalesLogix

SalesLogix allows you to access your data via the new SData webservice feeds that are hosted as a part of the SalesLogix web client. Normally to enable your SData feed, all you have to do is check the "Generate Feed" option on the entity that you wish to create the feed for. The feed is normally not enabled by default, so make sure to turn it ON when you create your entity so that you can use it for external SData based data integrations.

SalesLogix Reporting Basics

We frequently get questions about the reporting functionality in SalesLogix. So here is some information that should give you a pretty good idea about how the reporting works and how it interfaces with the SalesLogix database.

SalesLogix actually uses the Crystal Reports software to design and output reports. So in terms of wanting to know the flexibility of the reporting software, just look at the functionality of Crystal Reports and that should tell you how easy/hard it is to design reports.

SalesLogix Mail Merge DLL Installation Issue

We recently ran into an issue in SalesLogix version 7.5 sp3 where the mail merge did not work after an install. Clicking on the write->email menu would bring up the following message:

The Following HTTP status error was reported in THTTPRequestThread.Execute: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID{1BBD3B34-C697-449A-AE6B-37A18D338C0F} failed due to the following error: 80040154

The issue was traced back to the mail merge dlls not being registered on the server even though the installation process seemingly went through successfully.