What's In A Knowledgesync?

Knowledgesync is an Alerts and Workflow solution for numerous business applications. A few of the more basic uses are:

  • Business activity monitoring for events customers want to know about.
  • Business Process automation. Automatically deliver confirmations, quotes, thank you emails, etc.
  • Alerts for warnings regarding issues with clients.

Sage SalesLogix Application Architect - Jump to Error

In the Sage SalesLogix Application Architect after completing all of your new web customizations I occasionally run into some errors while building the web platform.  (Imagine that!)

The error message is sometimes less than descriptive:
ERROR - C:\Documents and Settings\jkuehlthau\Application Data\Sage\Platform\Output\Sage.SnippetLibrary.CSharp\src\Sage.SnippetLibrary.CSharp.@.84971c17-fdb8-4d87-9b5a-f944d61c24b9.codesn...(43,40):; expected

I recently found that I can double click anywhere on the row, and it will open the CSharp code snippet to the location of the error!  This saves me a lot of time trying to navigate around the Application Architect trying to find the error.

Changing SalesLogix - Latest Account Parameters (or any out-of-the-box Group)

You get a handful of Groups out-of-the-box when you purchase SalesLogix - some that may be useful, and some not. If you find that they are almost useful, you can take some initiative and make them useful for your organization by copying the group, and then changing the logic. For instance, let's say you want to change the Latest Accounts group to show Accounts that have been modified in the last 60 days (the default is 30), and that are labeled as Type = ‘Prospect', and you want everyone to see this in place of the original Latest Accounts group.

News From Sage Insights via Twitter - Mobile & GPS; iPhone Support

michaelwallace: learning about some cool new features in SalesLogix Mobile at the Sage Partner conference in Nashville
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aloktyagi: #insights09 - Travis demo Saleslogix Mobility and customize blackberry apps using SLX. Linking GPS info with contact address. Cool stuff
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Import Leads into SalesLogix

I have found that one of the easiest ways to import leads into SalesLogix is through the use of the Import Leads tool. Being more of an end user than an administrator, I find it to be extremely user friendly and I am able to access it directly through my SalesLogix Client.

Administering SalesLogix Classes (2009)

These SalesLogix classes are based off of Sage's Certified Course Curriculum, which offer plenty of hands-on exercises and step-by-step instructions. The manuals that attendees take home with them after the class can be very helpful resources later on when they are trying to implement Speedsearch, or set up Outlook Integration, etc...  All this information is driven home by our Certified Trainers' ability to break it down and really tell you what works and what doesn't.

Hiding Tabs in SalesLogix v7.5 Web Client

SalesLogix has a handy feature that has been around through many versions of the software. Some organizations use the feature, some have never heard of it, some will never have a use for it. If you read the title, you would know that I am talking, of course, about hiding tabs.

If your SalesLogix users complain about having too much going on at the bottom of their screen, and you do not want to spend time training each one of them on how they can hide unuseful tabs, you can take care of it for everyone, yourself.

If you are using SalesLogix LAN clients, you would take care of this in the Administrator, or Architect applications. This has not changed over the course of new SalesLogix versions. If you would like to remove tabs in the SalesLogix WEB client; however, things work a little differently...