How to track a Lead in SalesLogix that was converted into an Account/Contact

Leads in SalesLogix that were converted into an Account/Contact can be tracked in three ways.

The first and easiest way to track Leads in SalesLogix is in the Account and Contact Notes/History Tabs. Both the Account and Contact in SalesLogix will have a history item of type note inserted for the user that performed the conversion. The Description will be Lead Conversion Notes, which can be used in a group query to create a list of Accounts or Contacts that have been converted from a Lead. The History notes will also contain the converted date and converted by information, as well as other information if it was filled out in the Lead Detail section.

Accessing Your SalesLogix via Remote Database vs. Remote Desktop

SalesLogix has two methods of accessing your data when you are not in the office: Remote Desktop and Remote Database. The remote desktop option allows you to log into a computer that is in your office from wherever you may be. If this is a method that multiple people will use, often then a terminal server will need to be set up with SalesLogix installed on it. Some type of VPN will also have to be set up so that your company's local network can be accessed from the outside.

Intellisync over Advanced Outlook Integration with SalesLogix

What if you want to be selective as to who gets to send Meetings and Phone Calls to their Outlook calendars? What if you want to send your To-Dos in SalesLogix over to Outlook, or how about, even better, your Contacts? May I introduce to you, Intellisync for SalesLogix. A word of warning, the setup for Intellisync happens on a user by user basis, and it can be quite time consuming if you are setting all of this up yourself. In order to keep this somewhat concise, I am going to bullet point out some of the finer points of Intellisync, as well as some precautionary advice:

Simple and Advanced Outlook Integration with SalesLogix

Many people ask me, ‘Brett, you teach the same SalesLogix classes over and over again, doesn't it get boring?' To their surprise, my answer is always ‘No!'. Why is that? Because whether it be an Administrator class, or a standard End User class, I am always on the receiving end of a steady stream of questions - some that I hear over and over, and can answer on the spot, and others that take time and research to answer. The latter is definitely my favorite.

Sage SalesLogix v7.5 Activities in Leads

Prior to SalesLogix v7.5, I was not able to create Activities in the Leads entity in SalesLogix. This often prohibited me from actually using Leads and I would enter my leads into the regular Accounts and Contacts entities. Having my leads mixed in with all the other data in SalesLogix made it more time consuming to run reports on my leads and see everything I need to monitor.