Three Valuable Integrations Every CRM User Should Consider

You understand the importance of a good CRM system – which is why you have one! But are you using it to its full potential? By integrating some core systems with your CRM software, you can take your multi-tasking, lead-generating abilities to a whole new level. Here are three valuable integrations you should consider as add-ons to your CRM.

Why Integrating Your CRM is Crucial for Competitive Advantage

Did you know that 91% of businesses with more than 11 employees are using CRM? It’s obvious companies of all sizes are recognizing the value of CRM, but that also means higher stakes and greater competition. Once a productivity wheelhouse for the elite, CRM is now so accessible that even the smallest companies can participate.

If CRM technology is leveling the playing field, how can you maintain a competitive advantage?

Integrating CRM uses the innate benefits of your software investments to create one cohesive, scalable, cost-saving powerhouse. A CRM system can be integrated with almost anything: ERP, marketing automation, phone systems, social media, and even legacy databases. There are numerous competitive advantages for each of these integrations, but here are a few of the big hitters: