SugarCRM Reports: Choosing the Right Type

In SugarCRM, there are four main types of reports: rows and columns, summation, summation with details, and matrix. When you create a custom report, it is essential that you select the right report type to fit your needs. 

Using the SugarCRM Silent Upgrade Utility

The SugarCRM Silent Upgrade Utility is a life saver. Here at Technology Advisors, we've banned the use of the Upgrade Wizard. With the Upgrade Wizard, there are numerous things that can go wrong. Among those things are the upload file size, permissions and timeout settings for the server. If the server is not setup correctly, the upgrade could fail to upload, fail to overwrite or create files during the upgrade or time out. Even when all these settings are correct, it still seems to fail once in a while.

9 Sugar Add-Ons You Didn’t Know You Needed

At a recent customer event, we were fortunate enough to have Jason from SugarOutfitters come and talk to our customers about his favorite Sugar (and SuiteCRM) add-ons. In this blog post, we’ll share what those top Sugar add-ons were and how you can get your hands on them.

1. SugarChimp

SugarChimp is a nifty little add-on that integrates your MailChimp with your SugarCRM instance. By connecting the two, users can better manage marketing segments and maintain up-to-date lists with minimal effort. Sugar customers use this add-on to leverage Sugar data dynamically, and it works for all versions/editions of Sugar.

Sugar Admin 101: Best Practices for User Management

A staple role for a Sugar Administrator is the user management within the system. The Admin is responsible for adding and deleting users, managing passwords and login capabilities, and assigning roles and teams appropriately. So, what are the best practices for user management in Sugar? Our SugarCRM experts laid out their recommendations in an online user group. This is a summary of what they discussed.

Why CRM Vendors Win Deals: Part 1 - SugarCRM

Every CRM evaluation focuses on features.  But the product with the most features might not be the right product for you.  Features don’t cover things like cost, usability, look and feel, and user adoptability. 

Recognizing this gap, Steve and I decided to use our CRMTalk podcast to reach out to CRM vendors and ask them, “Why do you win?”.

In a series of corresponding blogs, I'll analyze what the vendors told us about their winning ways and comment on the truth behind their statements.

Hopefully this will serve as a guideline to readers on what vendors consider important. If the same things are important to you, it’s a sign you should consider them as a solution for your company. In part one of this series, we dive into SugarCRM.

Why SugarCRM Wins Customers

SugarCRM pointed to seven features that make them deal winners:

Sugar’s Productivity Suite is Boosting Sales Velocity

SugarCRM recently introduced its Productivity Suite — a bundled offer combining the flagship Sugar Enterprise CRM with the Hint relationship intelligence tool and Customer Journey plug-in. The goal of uniting these products is to reduce the cost of sales, save time, and increase sales velocity. We’ll get into the concept of sales velocity in a little bit, but first let’s look at how each of these bundled pieces contributes to the Suite:

Using Filters and Reports in SugarCRM

If you’re using a CRM, It is inevitable that you’ll need to locate and report on data from the system. Those reporting capabilities are where SugarCRM shines. This includes both easy-to-use filtering and a robust reporting module giving you flexibility to use your data as needed.