3 Helpful Tools for CRM Data Management

In a recent online user group, our experts discussed CRM data management tools and how they help organizations clean, maintain, and enrich their CRM data for better experiences. While the user group was specific to SugarCRM, several of the tools mentioned are applicable for other popular systems include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and HubSpot. Watch the 10-minute video for a deep overview or read below for some quick takeaways.

Tips to Clean and Maintain CRM Account Data

Data stored in your CRM can be universally valuable across your organization. Accurate data points return ROI indicators, sales forecasts, engagement activity, and other insights that can be utilized to increase sales and improve targeting and customer service. But what happens when that data becomes unorganized, incorrect, or outdated? Now you’re swimming in a sea of misinformation. We asked our CRM experts for some tips to clean and maintain CRM account data. Here’s what they had to say:

When a customer comes to us and says they want to clean up their CRM Accounts, they are typically referring to a few different aspects of their data: