CRM Comparison Part 1: Comparing Sales Features

As you begin your CRM comparison shopping, it’s important to know the features that will best suit your needs for sales, services, and marketing. In this blog series, we’ll touch on each of those areas and provide insights into which features you should be homing in on to maximize your CRM investment.

But first, let’s establish one major point: Selecting a CRM based on features alone is a recipe for failure.

While the features are part of the greater whole, the bigger focus should be “What are my business goals and will this CRM (with the given features) help me achieve those goals?”. Your CRM search should always begin with strategic planning, which is the process of consciously defining your current roadblocks and using those to create actionable goals for your CRM adoption.

5 Effective Tips to Prevent Phishing Attacks in Your Company

Phishing attacks continue to be the prevalent source of nefarious online activity that puts businesses as well as personal computers at risk. Essentially, a phishing attack denotes a fraudulent attempt to obtain your sensitive information, or the customer information you store on your servers, through passwords and usernames used in online communication. In other words, when your employees are communicating via email with customers, for example, there is a chance that someone will attempt to defraud them into giving away sensitive data.

How to Use Visual Content on Social Media to Improve your Customer Service

Moreover, social networks with algorithmic feeds, such as Facebook and Twitter, have been prioritizing visual content over text-only content, which in turn earns image-based posts higher engagement. If you’re a customer-focused brand, it’s worth investing into a social media monitoring system with sophisticated image recognition capabilities to avoid missing out on that context. This can help you assess a potentially problematic situation quickly and efficiently, and even catch wind of customer pain points before they reach out with their concerns. Awareness of visual mentions can help you collect customer feedback, address service gaps, and improve existing products or services based on their real-life use cases.

The Power of Trust in the Workplace

Before coming to work for my current employer, I held a writing position at another company. I stayed there for five years, and when I finally decided to move on, it was tough. My coworkers were fantastic people. They worked hard; they were silly and supportive; I’ll never forget them. But, as dedicated as they were, and as much as we all enjoyed working together, there was a general exasperation about the conditions of the workplace.

The pay wasn’t great, but that was hardly the issue.

Most of the time, when the company saw turnover, it was because of one underlying factor: the employees felt they weren’t trusted or valued.

9 Sugar Add-Ons You Didn’t Know You Needed

At a recent customer event, we were fortunate enough to have Jason from SugarOutfitters come and talk to our customers about his favorite Sugar (and SuiteCRM) add-ons. In this blog post, we’ll share what those top Sugar add-ons were and how you can get your hands on them.

1. SugarChimp

SugarChimp is a nifty little add-on that integrates your MailChimp with your SugarCRM instance. By connecting the two, users can better manage marketing segments and maintain up-to-date lists with minimal effort. Sugar customers use this add-on to leverage Sugar data dynamically, and it works for all versions/editions of Sugar.

3 Helpful Tools for CRM Data Management

In a recent online user group, our experts discussed CRM data management tools and how they help organizations clean, maintain, and enrich their CRM data for better experiences. While the user group was specific to SugarCRM, several of the tools mentioned are applicable for other popular systems include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and HubSpot. Watch the 10-minute video for a deep overview or read below for some quick takeaways.