Use an Upgrade to Clean Your CRM

The main purpose of CRM upgrades is to keep your functionality and features current. The hope is that keeping the software up-to-date will maximize the agility and usefulness of your data. However, if your CRM is teeming with outdated information, duplicate accounts, and unnecessary customizations, the upgrade probably won’t help you very much—unless you use it as an opportunity to clean house.

Upgrade time is the perfect time to reflect on your CRM data, and on your CRM customizations. Many companies try to make their CRM a catch-all by adding a plethora of customizations, but this plan often backfires in the long run. While some customization is necessary to personalize the CRM for your business, an overabundance can lead to some serious pitfalls.

The Worst Advice You Can Hear About Buying Business Software

Last week, I overheard a conversation between my coworker and a frantic prospect. The prospect asked my coworker to help her implement a solution her company had pre-selected. Since we weren’t involved in her company’s requirements gathering, my coworker requested some details on how they planned to use the software and what problems they were hoping to solve. The prospect did her best to answer the questions, but there were a lot of blanks left over. Our rep helped her realize that not only had the company missed the mark on necessary features, they’d also chosen a product that was not going to solve their problems. It didn’t integrate with their existing systems and its features overlapped instead of adding new functionality.

The Three CRM Reports You Must Run for Deeper Insights

Whether in sales, marketing, or services, almost every CRM user has had to build a report at some point. When we think of CRM reports, it’s easy to default to the standard types we use in daily business – forecast pipeline charts, top sales revenue line items, top sales by rep, marketing qualified leads, etc. But CRM reports have more potential! Here are three beneficial reports you must run for deeper data insights.