Best Practices for Tracking Lost Sales in Your CRM

When a sales rep closes an opportunity, she should always indicate the reason for the lost sale in the CRM system. Why? Management can help teams fill gaps and ultimately improve win rates by properly addressing the underlying issues behind these lost sales. Let’s look at some best practices for tracking lost sales in your CRM.

Wildcard! The SugarCRM Feature for Simpler Searching

Do you know about the Wildcard search function in SugarCRM? Do you know how to use it? Here’s how to use Wildcard for simpler searching in SugarCRM:

What is Wildcard?

When you enter a search term into SugarCRM it will look for the text at the beginning of the field by default. For example, if you type “Dan” it will bring up “Daniel”, “Daniella”, “Dante”, etc. Wildcard lets you expand that search functionality by adding a percent symbol (%) to search the entire piece of text. So, for example, instead of the search only turning up results for Daniel, Daniella, and Dante, the Wildcard for %dan would also turn up results for AiDAN, BrenDAN, BrayDAN, and so on.

Important things to know about Wildcard: